"We Have become a culture that is obsessed with price more than any other attribute of the things we buy. It doesn't matter if the item is ugly, poorly made,...all that matters is if the price is low enough.

It's difficult to compete with against furniture that costs less than What [I] pay for raw materials." - Christopher Scwarz

Bottom Line is if you want something you can't find anywhere else, then please give me a call!
If you can find it somewhere else it's probably cheaper, in every sense of the word.

I Create heirloom furnishings.
Furniture that will last for generations. I use hand and power tools, whatever gives me the best result and most Beautiful product to grace the homes of discerning people.
I design the piece with you, not just for you. My Prices are reasonable, in the custom furniture market, as I work alone, one project at a time, in a small shop with low overhead.
And you always get more than you expect!